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coherence SDK

SDK Overview

The coherence SDK is a set of Prefabs & scripts to help you create multiplayer games super fast.
It makes it easy for anyone to create a multiplayer game by having flexible, intuitive and powerful visual components.
Here are the main building blocks of the SDK.
CoherenceSync is a component that should be attached to every networked Game Object. It may be your player, an NPC or an inanimate object such as a ball, a projectile or a banana. Anything that needs to be synchronized over the network. You can select which of the attached components you would like to sync across the network as well as individual public properties.
The coherence Settings window is located in coherence > Settings.
LiveQuery, as the name suggests, queries a location set by the developer so that coherence can simulate anything within its extent. In our Starter Project, the LiveQuery position is static with an extent large enough to cover the entire playable level. If the World was very large and potentially set over multiple Simulation Servers, the LiveQuery could be attached to the playable character or camera.
The coherence MonoBridge passes information between the CoherenceSync component and the networked ECS components.

Sample UI

The sample UI Prefab holds all of the UI and connection functionality to connect to the running project locally or via a server. You can completely rewrite this if you like, it's there to get you up and running quickly.
The built-in coherence scripts are configured to execute in a specific order, using the following DefaultExecutionOrder setup:
  • -1000 CoherenceMonoBridge
  • -900 CoherenceSync
  • -800 CoherenceInput
  • 1000 CoherenceMonoBridgeSender
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SDK Overview
CoherenceSync (Component)
Settings (Window)
LiveQuery (Component)
MonoBridge (Component)
Sample UI