SDK 0.10


Tips on how to handle common problems

Can't build on platforms that Unity Hub reports as installed

On macOS, some versions of the Unity Hub don't install platform modules properly. This issue is fixed on version Unity Hub version 3.3.0. If you want to use a prior version, install one module at a time.

BuildConfiguration assets missing defining script

SDK 0.9 release removed dependency to the experimental package Platforms. As a result, your existing BuildConfiguration assets will have its defining script missing. To recreate the Simulator build configuration with the new pipeline, you can do it from the Simulators Module in coherence Hub.

Multi-scene setup

  • When networked Entities are added by loading a scene additively, mind that the CoherenceMonoBridge must be set to a singleton mode. In case of a non-singleton MonoBridge the Entity will search for a MonoBridge instance within its scene, and if none is found it will be created in that scene. This applies to both CoherenceSync and LiveQuery objects.
  • For a complete control over CoherenceMonoBridge resolving you can use either CoherenceSync.MonoBridgeResolve instance event or MonoBridgeStore.MonoBridgeResolve global event. A CoherenceMonoBridge instance provided by the MonoBridgeResolve event takes precedence over the scene and singleton ones.


  • Sometimes packages cache gets stalled and after updating the coherence package you might find Unity still uses the old package version. Try Reimport all or closing the project, deleting the Library folder, and reopening the project again. It will clean and update packages cache, and use the version of coherence stated in manifest.json.
If you run into issues that are not mentioned here, take a look at our Known Issues list at the end of Release Notes.