Get the Tutorial Project

coherence only supports Unity at the moment. Unreal Engine support is planned. For more specific details and announcements, please check the Unreal Engine Support page. For custom engine integration, please contact our developer relations team.

Network Playground Project

The Network Playground is a starter project for you to dive into. It contains the latest SDK, all the required preview packages and a bunch of extra resources for you to learn how to make multiplayer games with coherence.
Network Playground Introduction

Step 1: Download the Network Playground Unity Project

You will need Unity Version 2020.3.36f1.
To install Unity Editor version 2020.3.36f1, have your Unity Hub open and click on this Unity archive link. It will check for the presence of 2020.3.36.f1 and take you through the install process if you don't yet have it.
Download the Network Playground Project here.

Network Playground Scenes

Each scene in this Network Playground Project shows you something new:
  • Scene 1. Synchronizing Transforms
  • Scene 2. Physics
  • Scene 3. Persistence
  • Scene 4. Synchronizing Animations and Custom Variables
  • Scene 5. AI Navigation
  • Scene 6. Commands
  • Scene 7. Team based
  • Scene 8. Connected Entities
Remember to use at least two clients when you test the multiplayer functionality in Playground.
You can also run the Tutorial project in-editor. In this case, make a copy of the unity-playground_0.9 project in the same folder and slightly modify its name, so you can run both projects at the same time.
Add the copied project one to your Projects list in Unity Hub (Projects > Open > Add project from disk).
Open both projects and click Play. The projects connect to each other automatically and start networking.