Represents a player's network connection with the Replication Server.


A networked GameObject through CoherenceSync.

Client Connection​ Object

A CoherenceSync representing a Client connected to the Replication Server. Required to send Client Messages.

Client Message​

A command sent to a Client Connection.


Calls a method through the network on the target CoherenceSync.


Allows the Client to specify a subset of the World to receive updates from. Acts as a filter to exclude updates on less relevant Entities that could otherwise result in undesired latency.


Short-lived multiplayer environments for dozens of players. Perfect for quick session-based matches.


Long-lived and permanent multiplayer environments for thousands of players. Best suited for MMO types of games.


Responsible for taking over state authority to orchestrate server-authoritative setups.

Multi-Room Simulators

Multi-Room Simulators are Room Simulators which are able to simulate different Game Rooms at the same time.

Protocol Code Generator

Generates the baked scripts for Unity that automatically handle serialization/deserialization of networked GameObjects and commands.

Replication Server

Replicates the state of the world to the connected Clients and Simulators.

Key-Value Store

The key-value store provides a simple persistence layer for the players. The key-value store matches a short key (identifier) to a specific value (data payload) held in a simple, unstructured database. There are no limits to the total number of key/value pairs as long as the total size stays under 256KB.