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Scene Setup

Setup video tutorial

The topics of this page are covered in the first minute of this video:
It's quick and easy to set up a networked scene from scratch using the coherence SDK. This example will show you the basic steps to sync up some moving characters.
Add these components to your scene to prepare it for network synchronization.

1. Add Bridge

coherence > Scene Setup > Create CoherenceBridge
This object takes care of connected GameObject lifetimes and allows us to develop using traditional MonoBehaviour scripts.

2. Add LiveQuery

coherence > Scene Setup > Create LiveQuery
Creates a LiveQuery which queries the area around the local player to get the required information from the Replication Server. You can surround your entire scene in one query or can attach it to an object such as the player or a camera.

3. Add a Connect Dialog

coherence > Explore Samples
You can create your own connection dialog, we provide a few samples as a quick way to get started.
If you're unsure about which dialog to add, choose Rooms for now. You can read more about Rooms and Worlds.
The connection dialog samples we provide are here for you to completely customize, you can read more in the section dedicated to Samples.

Using the coherence Hub window

Using the coherence Hub window gives you an overview of everything related to networking in your project. The Overview tab will show you the current status and which actions you need to perform for everything to work.
coherence > coherence Hub