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coherence 1.1.3

coherence is a network engine, platform and a series of tools to help anyone create a multiplayer game. Our mission is to give any game developer, regardless of how technical they are, the power to make a connected game.

Get started

If you would like get started right away, you can check the Installation page to learn how to install coherence in Unity, set up your Scene, Prefabs, interactions, as well as deploy your project to be shared with your friends.

Learn coherence

We have an entire section of content to get you up to speed with coherence: Learn.
If you're new to all of this, you can start with the Beginner's guide to networking which is a great intro to high-level networking. Or download one of our sample projects for Unity, First Steps or Campfire, to try coherence hands-on in a pre-made project.
If you enjoy videos as a learning tool, we have a playlist of video tutorials dedicated to getting started with the Unity SDK.

Update an existing project

If you are an existing user and looking to update, check out the latest Release Notes. And maybe the SDK update guide as well!

Join the community

Join our community Discord for community chatter and support.
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