SDK 1.1
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Deploy a Replication Server

Now we can finally deploy our schema and Replication Server on coherence Cloud.
In this example we're working with Worlds. Make sure you have created a World before trying to deploy the Replication Server. To create a World, follow the steps described in Manage Worlds.

Video tutorial

The topics on this page start from around 1:00 in the video below:

Upload Schemas

In the coherence Hub window, select the coherence Cloud tab, and click on Upload to coherence Cloud in the Schemas section.
The status in the Schemas section should now be In Sync.
coherence Cloud tab
If the status does not say "In Sync", or if you encounter any other issues with the server interface, refer to the troubleshooting section.
Your project schema is now deployed with the correct version of the Replication Server already running in the cloud. You will be able to see this in your cloud dashboard status.

Run project

The Connect Dialog fetches all the regions available for your project. This depends on the project configuration (e.g., the regions that you have selected for your project in the Portal).
You can now build the project again and send the build to your friends for testing.
You will be able to play over the internet without worrying about firewalls and local network connections.
Before connecting, make sure everybody selects the same region, and that this region is not local.
For quick and easy testing, we suggest trying out the publish to WebGL option. Anyone with the link can then try the build in a browser.
Keep in mind to add the description of game controls though!