Share Builds

coherence allows you to upload and share the builds of your games to your team, friends or adoring fans via an easy access play link.
Right now we support desktop (PC, Mac, Linux) and also WebGL, where you can host and instantly play your multiplayer game and share it around the world.

Build the game

Build your game to a local folder on your desktop as you would normally.

Upload to coherence

In the coherence Hub window, select the coherence Cloud tab. You can upload your build from the Share Build section of the tab, select the platform (macOS, Linux, Window or WebGL are supported) and click on the Begin Upload button.
coherence Cloud tab

Share your build

Now that build has been updated (signified by the green tick), you can share it by enabling and sharing the public URL. Anyone with this link can access the build.


If you uploaded a WebGL build, the public link allows for instant play.