SDK 1.1
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After creating a World in the Dashboard, you can join it from your Unity Project using the CloudService.Worlds API combined with the CoherenceBridge.
Here is an example:
using System.Collections.Generic;
using Coherence.Cloud;
using Coherence.Toolkit;
using UnityEngine;
public class AsyncWorldsExample : MonoBehaviour
public CoherenceBridge bridge;
private CloudService cloudService;
void Start()
cloudService = bridge.CloudService;
private async void JoinFirstAvailableWorld()
// Wait for connection to be established with the coherence Cloud, authenticated as a Guest User.
await cloudService.WaitForCloudServiceLoginAsync(1000);
// Fetch all available worlds from our Project
IReadOnlyList<WorldData> availableWorlds = await cloudService.Worlds.FetchWorldsAsync();
// Join the first available world, if one exists
if (availableWorlds.Count > 0)