SDK 1.1
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Using coherence Cloud in Unity

In order to access coherence Cloud features from the Unity SDK, you can use the CloudService instance in the CoherenceBridge component.
With the CloudService instance, you will be able to fetch the existing Worlds of your project, create new Rooms, delete and fetch existing Rooms, as well as access the different available Game Services.
In the subsections of this page, you will be able to find detailed usage examples of each feature from the CloudService API.

CoherenceBridge Cloud Settings

In the inspector of a CoherenceBridge instance, you will find two settings related with the coherence Cloud:
coherence Bridge Inspector
  • Auto Login As Guest: If enabled, Cloud Service will automatically log in with the coherence Cloud using a player Guest Account. If you want to handle logins manually in your game, turn this option off.
  • Cloud Unique ID: Uniquely identify the Cloud Service used by this CoherenceBridge. It will be used to cache the player account credentials. If it is not specified, one will be autogenerated.