The schema file has two uses in your project:

  1. As a basis for code generation, creating various structs and methods that can be used in your project to communicate with the Replication Server.

  2. As a description for the Replication Server, telling it how the data in your project looks like – to receive, store, and send this data to its Clients.

When using MonoBehaviours and CoherenceSync you often don't need to interact with the schema directly. Here's an example of a small schema:

component Player
  name String64
  score Int
component Enemy
  speed Float
  hp Int
  poisonous Bool

To learn more about the types and definitions available in a schema, see the specification.

If you're unsure where schema files are located, you can easily search through the project using Unity's project search window, witht:Coherence.SchemaAsset

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