What is coherence?


coherence is a network engine, platform and a series of tools to help anyone create a multiplayer game.

  • Fast network engine with cloud scaling, state replication, persistence and auto load balancing.

  • Easy to develop, iterate and operate connected games and experiences.

  • SDK allows developers to make multiplayer games using Windows, Linux or Mac, targeting desktop, console, mobile, VR or the web.

  • Game engine plugins and visual tools will help even non-coders create and quickly iterate on a connected game idea.

  • Scalable from small games to large virtual worlds running on hundreds of servers.

  • Game-service features like user account and key-value stores.

Network engine

At the core of coherence lies a fast network engine based on bitstreams and a data-oriented architecture, with numerous optimization techniques like delta compression, quantization and network LOD-ing ("Level of Detail") to minimize bandwidth and maximize performance.

Authority models

The network engine supports multiple authority models:

  • Client authority

  • Server authority

  • Server authority with client prediction

  • Authority handover (request, steal)

  • Distributed authority (multiple simulators with seamless transition)

  • Deterministic client prediction with rollback ("GGPO") - experimental


coherence supports persistence out of the box.

This means that the state of the world is preserved no matter if clients or simulators are connected to it or not. This way, you can create shared worlds where visitors have a lasting impact.

Engine support

The coherence SDK only supports Unity at the moment. Unreal Engine support is planned. For more specific details and announcements, please check the Unreal Engine Support page. For custom engine integration, please contact our developer relations team.