Code Stripping

Unity supports Code Stripping as part of the engine. Code stripping means automatically removing unused or unreachable code during the Unity build process to try and significantly decrease your application’s final size.

Setting Code Stripping above Minimal level is risky and might break your game by removing code that's needed for it to run.

If you're considering using code stripping above Low level, add the following link.xml file anywhere in your project (we recommend Assets/coherence/link.xml):

  <assembly fullname="System">
    <type fullname="System.Net.Configuration.ConnectionManagementSection" />
    <type fullname="System.Net.Configuration.ConnectionManagementElementCollection" />
    <type fullname="System.Net.Configuration.NetSectionGroup" />

  <assembly fullname="System.Configuration">
    <type fullname="System.Configuration.ExeConfigurationHost" />

Read more on how link.xml works in Unity on their Code Stripping section.

In any case, there's no one-size-fits-all solution to be safe when it comes to code stripping. It highly depends on your project, and also your dependencies (third party libraries and assets used).

If you are experiencing issues with coherence while using code stripping, reach out to us.

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