Unity Components

Any GameObject that needs to be synchronized over the network needs to have a CoherenceSync. It defines a network entity, and what data to sync from its GameObject. In addition, Commands are sent to and from CoherenceSync components.

Handles the connection between the coherence transport layer and the Unity scene. It is necessary to have a CoherenceBridge to be able to connect.

A tool to optimise network traffic, a Live Query specifies an area of interest that is unique to each Client, so that each Client (or Simulator) only receives data that is relevant to them. If the World was very large, the Live Query could be attached to the playable character or camera and move with them, determining a moving area of interest.

It is necessary to have at least one Live Query in the scene.

Tag Queries offer the same kind of traffic-filtering behaviour, but they do it based on a tag rather than according to distance.

Enables a Simulator to take control of the state authority of a Client's CoherenceSync, while the Client retains input authority. This component is added by CoherenceSync in server-authoritative setups.

These two components are used when parenting entities (one is for runtime, the other for edit-time). You can find much more information on their specifics in the Parenting section.

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