coherence Cloud

Comprehensive hosting, scaling, and networking for your game

In addition to our SDK, coherence offers a comprehensive easy-to-manage platform for hosting and scaling the backend for your multiplayer game. Our cloud platform can scale your project from its early development to millions of players and saves time and resources you can dedicate to creating your game instead of operating it.

Rooms & Lobbies

For your session-based experiences, we host and manage our Replication Server for your project. Through our SDK, Game Clients create Rooms and Lobbies on our backend. Our backend can scale your project from a handful of players to millions as traffic demands.


For persistent multiplayer experiences, we offer World hosting. Easily configure and launch persistent Worlds through our online Online Dashboard, and scale them as needed. Create worlds across different regions with our global backend so you players have the best experience from any part of the world.


With our cloud platform, your team can collaborate on your project's hosted resources through our easy-to-use online Dashboard. Easily add team members, manage your projects, and get a clear picture of your project's resources and usage. View your game's Rooms and Worlds in real-time, and get access to logs for all your hosted resources.

For projects with a large projected online player base, we offer Enterprise Support Programs to help ensure the most efficient possible implementation of your project, as well as a smooth launch in every region your players are in.

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