Local testing via Unity's Multiplayer Play Mode (MPPM)

MPPM is Unity's official solution for local multiplayer testing, available for Unity 2023.2+.


  • Short iteration times

  • Tighter integration within the Editor, doesn't require multiple (standalone) Editors open


  • Requires Unity 2023.2+

  • Can be more resource demanding than other solutions - this might change in upcoming MPPM updates

How to use?

  • Install MPPM as described in their Installation Instructions

  • Open Window > Multiplayer Play Mode

  • Enable up to 4 Virtual Players

  • Make sure that the bake data is up-to-date before starting to test, and that the Replication Server is running with the latest schema generated by it

  • Enter Play Mode

coherence tells apart Virtual Players from the main Editor, so it's easier for you to not edit assets in clones by mistake.

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