Online Dashboard

What is the Online Dashboard?

The Online Dashboard is where the cloud services behind your coherence-based game can be managed. It can be found at

Here are some examples of tasks to perform on the Online Dashboard:

  • Create your organization and project for your game

  • Start/stop/restart your cloud-based Replication Server or Simulator

  • Enable coherence features such as player authentication, key-value store, persistence, and build sharing

  • Invite teammates to your project

  • Cost analysis: view your resource usage and billing forecasts

Is the Online Dashboard required for development?

While a local Replication Server is available as part of the Unity SDK, in order to host multiplayer services like the Replication Server in the cloud, your team must have a project in the Online Dashboard. It is up to your project needs when to begin using the cloud services.

Getting started

Please see the page Create a free account in the Get Started section.

Accessing Online Dashboard features from Unity

Please see the article on using the coherence Cloud in Unity.

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