Version Control integration

If you're using a VCS (which we highly recommend you to) like git, Subversion or PlasticSCM, here's a few tips.

Ignore baked files

You can ignore (as in, not version) Assets/coherence/baked and its .meta file in most cases, but it's completely safe to include them too. If you decide to ignore them, every other fresh copy of the project (including continuous integration setups) has to Bake for such files to be generated.

If your build pipeline relies on asset checksums for verification, you should version the forementioned files.

Gathered.schema as binary

Make sure Assets/coherence/Gathered.schema is treated as a binary and not as a text file (where conflicts can be auto-resolved via content diffs). The Gathered.schema, although a text file, is meant to be thought of as a binary file.

Each VCS has different mechanisms to work around this. Read the documentation of your VCS of choice to learn how to set this up.

When using git, you can add this line to your .gitattributes file (or create one in the root of your repo, if it doesn't exist)

Assets/coherence/Gathered.schema -merge -text

To learn more about how gitattributes works, refer to their documentation.

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