Package samples

Once you follow the instructions to install the coherence SDK package for Unity, you will be able to explore the package Samples with no additional download. You can either:

  • Go to: Coherence > Explore Samples

  • Open Unity's Package Manager (Window > Package Manager) and navigate to the package samples

Note that the Samples are meant to be self-explanatory, so they come with no documentation.

The scene shows up all magenta!

If, once you import the samples, the scenes show up magenta/pink, it's because the samples are made for the built-in pipeline and your project is using either URP or HDRP.

To fix this in URP, go to: Window > Rendering > Render Pipeline Converter

Click on the checkboxes to choose what to convert (Materials is necessary), then click the Initialize and Convert button. After a brief loading, you should see the example scenes displayed correctly.

For more information, refer to Unity's guides for URP or for HDRP.

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