Share builds

coherence allows you to upload and share the builds of your games to your team, friends or adoring fans via an easy access play link.

Right now we support desktop (PC, Mac, Linux) and also WebGL, where you can host and instantly play your multiplayer game and share it around the world.

If you want an example of WebGL builds, try out our sample projects First Steps or Campfire (make sure to use Chrome!)

Build the game

First, you need to build your game to a local folder on your computer as you normally would. Ensure to bake before doing so!

Upload to the coherence Cloud

In the coherence Hub window, select the coherence Cloud tab.

You can upload your build from the Share Build section of the tab. Select the platform, browse for the previously-created build, and click on the Begin Upload button.

Share your build

Now that build has been uploaded, you can share it by enabling and sharing the public URL on the coherence Cloud Dashboard:

Here you can customise the page to a degree. Don't forget to include instructions in the description, if your game doesn't have any!

By unchecking the Enabled option, you can obscure the page altogether, without having to remove builds.

Click on the Game Builds tab to manage builds for different platforms.

The public page

If you uploaded a WebGL build, the public link now allows for instant play directly in the browser:

If you uploaded builds for other platforms, they will be downloadable by clicking on the icons right below the WebGL build.

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