Player Name (Sample UI)

How to network the Player Name set in the Connection Dialog?
coherence ships with a Sample UI that can be used to kickstart your project.
One implementation that we often see pretty early on prototypes, is the ability to show a name to identify players within a game session. So we've created a component to help achieve that: CoherencePlayerName.
If you want to network the Player Name set on the Sample UI, add a CoherencePlayerName component to your CoherenceSync:
Cube.prefab using CoherencePlayerName
It will automatically bind its variable playerName, since internally it uses the [Sync] attribute. So you're already set. At runtime, CoherencePlayerName.playerName will hold the name of the player that owns that entity.
This component is only valid for the built-in Sample UI. You can, at any time, develop your own mechanism of storing and synchronizing a player name. This component is a convenience for early prototyping.